Its amazing what happens when you are in the great outdoors. 

Experiential education outdoors allows for the development of a more engaging and diverse form of learning.  Students must learn to adapt to changing environments around them, thereby developing their mental preparedness, communication skills, and motivation to achieve goals. These lessons help youth to foster a sense of personal responsibility and self-confidence, which can be translated into everyday activities beyond our program and long after the experience. When this level of self-assuredness is attained, youth can experience exceptional inner growth by recognizing (and diminishing) their limitations and utilize their body and mind to their fullest extent.

This is what Seeds Rooted in Youth is all about. Our goal is to encourage growth by creating an enviroment that helps nourish and support development for all youth.  We will do this through offering a outdoor programming for youth ages 8 to 12, that is affordable to ALL families, facilitated by a Certified Ontario Teacher.  Throughout all of the youths experiences, Seeds Rooted will develop and maintain strong relationships with youth in an emotionally, psychologically, and physically safe environment.