Melissa Vaughan - Parent

“This program offers children the opportunity to learn, and hone outdoors skills, such as camping in the bush, how to build a ‘leave no trace fire’, fishing, an introduction to sustainable farming, visiting a local apiary, building their own hive, making and cooking traditional bannock over an open fire, and the list goes on. What Janneke has pioneered for our local youth is refreshing, and sorely needed in an age where our kids are spending far too much time in front of screens.”


Elaine fielder - secretary, Gdci

"Janneke is combining her love of teaching and of the outdoors in her Seeds Rooted in Youth outdoor education program.  Janneke wants to provide an outdoor learning experience to students who may struggle day to day with the classroom experience, enabling those learners an alternate method of learning while fostering a love for the outdoors."

lynn wareing - parent

“Janneke continues to plan and implement programs that offer children opportunities to connect with the environment and the communities around them.  These opportunities have allowed my children to learn skills that will be valuable as they’re interest in the outdoors and its elements continue to grow.  Fishing, fire starting, tracking, and animal identification to name a few. Janneke's amazing ability to offer these programs in ways that meet each child’s learning style.  She takes the time to get to know each and is able to use this knowledge to allow her to deliver a program that engages and captivates the children.”


Melissa millward - director, trails youth initiative

“Throughout the time that I have worked with Janneke, she has always demonstrated an incredible patience, dedication and enthusiasm for her work. Her greatest strengths lie in her creativity, her passion for working with people from all walks of life, and her ability to quickly develop positive, trusting relationships. I am confident that Janneke will apply these strengths and many others to achieve whatever she sets her mind to.”

Shelly - 1st Zurich Scouts leader

“Many youth today are missing out on the great outdoors. To have someone that wants to take youth in the natural world of Ontario is a rare asset to have and I believe that Janneke brings that to the table. Janneke has shown her ability to connect with youth and engage them in fundamental outdoor skills as a Scout Leader. She has a wide range of knowledge of the outdoors and motivates and excites youth to explore their natural surroundings.”


Shannon brennan - parent

“A great program run by a dynamic woman. Great to get the kids outside and doing. My son loved the day program. Highly recommend to parents to get their children outside and learning!”

Lisa jackson - secondary school teacher F.e. madill SS

“As a supply teacher at our school, Janneke has shown a great ability to make quick connections with the youth she meets.  Her positive, helpful approach allows her to build instant rapport with our students and they are receptive to her willingness to truly help them in whatever it may be that challenges them.  She has an energy about her that ignites interest in learning.”