August 13-18 2018


Day 1 - orienteering

Youth will learn about using maps, compasses and how to navigate around the great outdoors.

- hiking 

- guest speaker teaching about monarch butterflies and what we can do to help them

- monarch art project

- learn about compasses and do an activity to hone those new skills

Day 2 - Soil to table

Youth will visit two local small scale farms to learn where their food comes from and how to cook with local seasonal ingredients.

- Visit Firmly Rooted Farms and Red Cart Farms to learn where our food comes from

- activities around gardening



Day 3 - BEes in our ecosystem

Youth will learn the importance of bees to our natural world and ourselves with a visit to a local apiary.

- visit Ferguson Apiaries to learn about bees and how honey is produced

- drumming circle

- make bee homes

- make honey butter

Day 4 - fishing and our waterways

Youth will go fishing and learn about the importance of our local waters ways and their diversity.

- Bayfield Anglers Society will come teach youth how to fish

- sun art project

- river searches

- build a boat race



Day 5 -outdoor skills and overnight wilderness camp

Youth will  learn about basic first aid, how to set up a leave no trace campsite, along with basic survival skills to help them explore the great outdoors.

- learn to set up camp

- learn how to start a fire from scratch

- practice their fishing and water searching skills

- hike

- cooking over a campfire